Efficient Sea Cargo Filing for Australian Imports by FOS Desk

Efficient Sea Cargo Filing for Australian Imports by FOS Desk

The Challenge

Sea Cargo is a manifest filling for Australian Sea Imports shipments, and it requires to be carried out within 72 hours prior to the First Port of Arrival. To make sure that the company is meeting the required standards, the FOS Desk has centralized this activity and also provided 24/7 support to make sure the performance and the shipments tests of the company are successful.

This study will explore the benefits that Sea Cargo has gained by using FOS Desk services in its operations.

Proposed Solutions: How Sea Cargo benefits from FOS Desk?

As mentioned above, the Sea Cargo is a manifest filing for the Australia Sea Imports shipments which are required to be done 72hrs before the First Port of Arrival in Australia. Because of the performance measurement carried out by Australian Customs on performance in all the industry competitors, Sea Cargo is required to meet the KPI for it to gain the Trusted Trader certification.

To meet the industry standard, FOS Desk has offered a centralized solution to the Sea Cargo with its 24/7 support. The solutions offered by FOS Desk have allowed Sea Cargo to largely benefit from increased efficiency, reliability and cost savings.

FYR, we have attached a screenshot that clearly shows the growth of Sea Cargo Filing with FOS Desk in two years.

Date Source: https://www.ccf.customs.gov.au/ICSProd/

Time Zone Advantage:

Sea Cargo benefits from the improved performance of its manifest filing offered by FOS Desk. Through having a centralized staff as well as 24/7 support from us, Sea Cargo is always sure that its manifest filing is being done correctly and efficiently. It makes sure that its shipments are always delivered on that time and that it is able to remain competitive in the existing market.

The centralized filing system permits for a more efficient and better control of its manifests. This centralized filing system has also helped it to make sure that the filing of manifests is completed within the needed 72 hours before the first port of entrance into Australia. This enables Sea Cargo to meet all the performance standards set by Australian Customs and also be a trusted trader.

Saving Overhead Costs:

Another benefit of FOS Desk for Sea Cargo is the cost savings. Through having a centralized as well as staffed manifest filing, Sea Cargo is able to save money used in staffing costs and different overhead expenses. The centralizing of the activity, Sea Cargo has saved extra money by having workers who work on shifts with 24/7 support, this enables it to stay competitive in the existing market and still provide quality services to its clients.

Through the FOS Desk services, Sea Cargo has also eliminated the need for several filing systems and any associated costs. This has assisted Sea Cargo to save more money, enabling it to effectively allocate its resources to its different areas.

Efficient KPI:

Also, Sea Cargo benefits from FOS Desk services by acquiring the ability to meet the performance standards that are set by Australian Customs. Through having FOS Desk staffed and centralized and to meet the KPI, Sea Cargo meets all the standards developed by the government and it is sure to be registered as a Trusted Trader.

This offers Sea Cargo with legality in the eyes of the general public as well as of the Australian.

Proactive Customer Service:

Sea Cargo receives a benefit of 24/7 support that enables it to offer better customer service and experience smoother filing. Round the clock support assists to make sure that there are no delays experienced in filing manifests because issues are addressed in a quick and efficient manner. It has enabled Sea Cargo to meet the KPI set by the Australian Customs.

Through this, Sea Cargo has gained assurance that its filing will be done in time, giving it the chance to be awarded the certification of a Trusted Trader.

Increased Process Efficiency:

Another advantage of Sea Cargo from FOS Desk services is the increased efficiency. The FOS Desk assists in reducing effort and time connected with filing manifests because it automates the process and also makes things easier in the filing process.

By centralizing the manifest filing with FOS Desk, Sea Cargo can decrease the number of resources and time it requires to put in the filing manifests. This assists it to increase the efficiency of the Sea Cargo’s processes, and also ensure that Sea Cargo meets the KPI set by the Australian Customs.

Reliable Resources:

Lastly, the FOS Desk solutions have allowed Sea Cargo to benefit from greater reliability. The solutions given by FOS Desk enable greater reliability, since the solutions have already been tested and they have performed better than the regular performance.

This has provided Sea Cargo with the confidence that the solutions they are getting from FOS Desk are reliable and they will meet the standards set by the Australian Customs, enabling them to be certified as a Trusted Trader.

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In conclusion, the services provided by FOS Desk have enabled Sea Cargo to benefit from an increase in cost saving, efficiency and reliability. By meeting the KPI, Sea Cargo has been able to gain the Trusted Trader certification. This centralized service has helped Sea Cargo to save more money with its 24/7 support, and has also provided it with greater reliability.

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